Different slaw

Yield: 6 Servings

Measure Ingredient
1 pack Ramen noodles; uncooked and separeated ( I used oriental flavor)
1 pack Prepared slaw cabbage; (16 oz)
1 cup Sunflower seeds; ( I used the 3.75 oz bag of PLANTERS)
1 cup Slivered almonds; ( again I used a Prepackaged Bag 1/3 Cup = 2 Oz. )
8 Green onions with tops; Chopped
¾ cup Oil
½ cup Sugar
⅓ cup White vinegar
Flavoring package from the Ramen noodles


Mix together noodles, seeds, almonds, onions, cabbage. Just before serving, combine dressing ingredients, mix well. Pour over slaw mixture; toss to coat. Serve immediately to prevent sogginess. Yield: 10 - 12 servings.

Posted to TNT - Prodigy's Recipe Exchange Newsletter by "Luke Murden" <lmurden@...> on Dec 20, 1997

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