Trouble shooting for the zojirushi breadmaker

Yield: 1 servings

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*Your Result* PLEASE TRY/BECAUSE A. Loaf rises then falls Use buttermilk or vitamin d milk decrease . water by ⅛ cup increase salt ⅛ tsp. B. Loaf rises then bursts Decrease sugar by ½ tsp. increase flour . 2-3 TBS. C. Loaf is Short/Heavy Decrease salt slightly; increase yeast and . sugar by ½ tsp. Heavy grain/flour was . used.

Yeast or flour was stale or other- . ~wise bad. Wrong type of yeast was used. D. Loaf is too brown/dark Set to Lighter function or decrease sugar . slightly. E. Loaf rises too high, hits Decrease liquid to 1⅛ cup. . viewing window F. Smoke Appears Ingredients (flour or other) spilled out- . side the pan on or around heating element. G. Sides cave inward & loaf Loaf was left in machine too long after . is damp & soggy completion. H. Odd Shaped loaf Reduce liquid by ⅛ cup. I. Top is mushroomed Reduce liquid by ⅛ cup. J. Flour residue on top Increase liquid slightly. K.

Loaf Overcooked Decrease sugar slightly and/or use lighter . Crust setting L. Clumps when slicing Let cool after removing from pan to reduce . Steam. M. Inconsistent Heights/Shapes Inconsistent measuring and/or humidity or . Room temperature. N. Raisins and other added Shake Raisins or other ingredients in . ingredients clump : plastic bag with 1 TBS of Flour before . adding. O. Bread did not rise at all. Yeast was not added. Increase Yeast. . Yeast was wrong type, damaged or stale. P. Pan is Scratched/ Be sure machine is on a level surface . Machine noisy If scratching presists contact office. Q. Adjustments for High Decrease liquid by ⅛ cup. Reduce yeast . Altitudes ⅛ to ¼ tsp.

Reduce sugar by ½ tsp.

*To PROOF yeast-- place 1 package of yeast into ¼ cup of warm water, 1 tsp sugar and stir. Mixture should foam. This means your yeast is fresh. **Salt acts as an inhibitor to the yeast. Since different brands of milk have varying sodium contents, the amount of salt in the recipe may need to be adjusted.

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