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Barb.For your information.Dak has a Turbo II B/M for $149.90 plus S/H $14.00.Makes bread in 2 hours.They also have Turbo IV same time element,but bigger loaf of bread plus whole grain breads can be made in this one..$ 169.90 plus S/H $14 .00.DAK's phone number for a catalogue is 1-800-888-7808 or 1-800-888-0800.I also have Wellbuilts model list. ABM 100 takes 4 hours.Price in stores here $ 149.99 plus tax.After comparing it will cost me about $ 5.00 more to order the Turbo II from DAX and have a faster bake cycle..I just don't feel comfortable with DAK though.Well put aside my misgivings and order from them beginning of the week.. Here are some 800 # for other bread machine companies.

Hitachi 800-241-6558 x 720 new b/m Hitachi 800-328-0609 refurbished Maxim 800-233-9054 National 714-373-7757 Panasonic 800-545-2672 Regal 414-626-8558 Sanyo 201-641-2333 Seiko 516-777-8600 Mr Loaf & Chefmate Wellbuilt 516-365-5040 took two calls to get not call between the hours of 1:00 pm to 2:30 pm Zojirushi 800-783-6270 Some of these companies offer rebuilt or refurbished models.Your Link To The Philly.Inquirer Irwin E. JJGF65A 12/06/92 03:36 pm NUMBERS posted by DENISE BRADSHAW

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