Stovetop bbq turkey burgers

Yield: 1 Servings

Measure Ingredient
1¼ pounds Ground turkey; (or chicken) (up to 1-1/2)
¾ cup Plus 2 tbsp. chili sauce
1 Egg
1 medium Onion; finely chopped
1 teaspoon Garlic salt
¼ teaspoon Pepper
2 tablespoons Vegetable oil
1 tablespoon Brown sugar
1 tablespoon Prepared mustard
1 teaspoon Lemon juice
2 teaspoons Worcestershire sauce

In medium bowl combine ground turkey, 2 tbsp. chili sauce, egg, half of chopped onion, garlic salt, and pepper. Form into 4 patties, about 1 inch thick.

In large skillet, heat oil (I used only about 1 tbsp. in a 12" non-stick skillet). Add turkey burgers and cook over medium heat, until bottoms are just browned, about 2 minutes. Turn and sprinkle remaining chopped onion around patties. Cook, stirring onions occasionally, until second side of patties is just browned and onions are softened, about 2 minutes.

Meanwhile, in a separate bowl, mix remaining ¾ cup chili sauce, brown sugar, mustard, lemon juice, Worcestershiere sauce, and 2 tbsp. water.

Bring to a simmer, reduce heat to low, cover, and cook until sauce is thickened and burgers are cooked through with no trace of pink in center (meat should spring back when lightly pressed with a finger), about 15 minutes.

Serve with rice or noodles to catch sauce.

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