Philadelphia cheesesteak sandwiches

Yield: 4 Servings

Measure Ingredient
1 green or red pepper,
4 Italian Rolls

2½ lb sliced beef

: (Steak-ums are okay, : but some delis will sell : it fresh)

1 md lg onion, sliced

: sliced

4 sm cherry hot peppers,

: sliced

4 sm sweet peppers, sliced

8 sl Provolone cheese

The key to authentic Philly cheesesteaks is the bread. If you can find a good Italian bakery to give you good Italian bread, you're almost all the way there. For best results, use a griddle that covers two stove burners, or an electric griddle of similar size. Also, two identical griddle spatulas will make things easier.

Preheat the griddle (or light both burners).

On one side of the griddle, heat all the beef, chopping the beef finely until all the slices (or sheets, or whatever) have formed a large pile of small bits. Keep the beef moving as you cook the onion, followed by the peppers, on the other side of the griddle. When everything is fully cooked, combine everything and mix thoroughly, finally dividing the mixture into 4 columns on the griddle, keeping each column as separate as possible. Cover the columns with two slices each of provolone, mist with water to melt the cheese, and cover, if possible. When cheese has melted, cover the column with the Italian Roll, which will give you a completed, but upside-down, sandwich. Just scoop them up with the spatula. Walt MM Larry Miller a.k.a. Lawrence D. Miller Web Services Coordinator, Dynanet Internet Services lmiller@... ||

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