Master mixes--introduction

Yield: 1 Servings

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There was so much interest shown in the recipes I posted under the Do-Ahead Mixes over in the Food Forum that I have decided to also share with you all some Master Mixes. These will be primarily for baking, but some of them can also be used for breakfast foods and main dishes. Rather than post them under Desserts and/or Breads, I have decided to post all of them here, because this area is the Food Forum, and since they are for mixes, I did not want to confuse anyone and make them "bounce" from board to board searching for them. To the members who have the Meal-Master program: I would suggest you make a separate disk for these, as altogether there will be about 100 recipes for the set, and I plan to add to these as I put them into my Meal-Master program. The INDEX will consist of the name of the Master Mix for each set, so that if there is more than one name of a recipe, you will be able to go to the correct mix for the recipe to use. Each category line will consist of the name of the Master Mix to use, such as Master Mix, Quick Bread Mix and Breakfast Mix. The next heading in the category line will be the type of recipe, such as main dish, pancakes, etc. The last part of the category will be the source, such as Hershey's or Southern Living. All of the Basic Mix recipes will have the word BASIC in the category line so that they can be located easily. For those of you not using Meal- Master, you will be able to file your recipes by using these same categories also. If you do, it might be easier to file each set separately, so that you do not get the Master Mixes mixed up. For this reason, I will be posting them in groups as much as possible. I think it is a good idea to also down-load the recipes as soon as possible to the posting, because lately some recipes seem to have a shorter life-span on *Prodigy than others, and if you are interested in these at all, you might want to make sure you get the complete sets. My GrandMa Rose always cautions me to take everything that is offered to me, and reminds me that what I cannot use, perhaps someone else may be needing. Or you yourself may need it at a later date. If anyone else has any recipes of other Master Mixes, please post and share them, whether or not they are in the Meal-Master format. Or if you do not care to post, leave a note as to the source of your collection, and if I have the books here, I will look them up and add them to this group as time permits. I intend to send these recipes out in small groups, at the rate of one group early each week, in collecting them all. DEE/Austin (aka AH-DEE) 03/21/93 02:44 pm

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