Italian sausage sandwiches

Yield: 20 servings

Measure Ingredient
20 eaches Italian sausage links
4 larges Green pepper -- thinly
\N \N Sliced
½ cup Chopped onion
1 can Tomato paste -- 12 oz
1 can Tomato sauce -- 15 oz.
1 cup Water
1 tablespoon Sugar
4 \N Cloves garlic -- minced
2 teaspoons Dried basil
1 teaspoon Dried oregano
1 teaspoon Salt -- optional
20 eaches Hot dog buns
\N \N Mozzarella cheese --
\N \N Optional

In a large Dutch oven, brown sausages a few at a time; discard all but 2 tablespoons drippings. Saute peppers and onion in drippings until crisp-tender; drain. Return sausages to pan along with tomato paste, tomato sauce, water, sugar, garlic, basil. oregano and salt; bring to boil. Reduce heat; cover and simmer for 30 min. Serve on buns. Top with cheese if desired. Yield: 20 servings.

Recipe By : Taste Of Home

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