Crusty curmudgeon last ditch barbecue sauce

Yield: 1 servings

Measure Ingredient
1 cup Broached Onions
2 litres Vanilla Extract
½ pounds Neat's Foot Oil
2 tablespoons Butter Or Oregano
1 Fresh Poltroon, Diced

To prepare: With floured hands, on a floured surface, standing on a floured floor, and just generally surrounded by mounds and mounds of flour, combine the ingredients in a greased 5-⅝" by 16-⅜" pan, then pour the mixture carefully into an ungreased 4-⅜" by 18-⅞" pan and heat it until a 1-⅜"blister forms when you stick your hand into it. A Poltroon is a Spiritless Coward.

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