Sweet potato rice - vegetarian cooking for di

Yield: 2 Servings

Measure Ingredient
⅔ cup Raw rice water
2 tablespoons Parsley; chopped
¼ teaspoon Sage
½ cup Sweet potato; cooked and mashed
¼ teaspoon Pepper
¼ cup Wheat germ
1 tablespoon Yeast, Brewers (nutritional)
4 ounces Yogurt

Cook rice over low heat for 40 min in 2 cups water. Stir in and heat throughly the parsley, sage, sweet potato, pepper, wheat germ, and Brewer's yeast. If desired, serve warm or cold with yogurt ( add 50 cal and ½ milk exchange)

1 serving = 272cal; 3 meat, 2 breads, ½ fat

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