Roadside hard cider

Yield: 1 servings

Measure Ingredient
1 gallon Roadside apple juice

For those of you in apple country it is time to start seeing roadside stands with those lovely gallon jugs of cloudy apple cider. If you do nothing it will start fermenting at room temperature so here is the first zero cost trick to keep it from exploding or becoming contaminated. Replace the cap with an unopened lunch sandwich bag so there are two layers covering the mouth. Hold in place with a rubber band. Puncture both layers with a pin. Move the plastic a little so the hole don't line up. Drink when the bubbling slows, 5-7 days.

For kick -- add 1 to 1½ cups of sugar (never two unless you like it sweet).

For consistency -- add half a pack of dry baker's yeast. ~---- Fermenting time about the same for all three, decide by fewer bubbles, refrigerate to keep at some level of fermentation. ~---- You can do a lot better than this but you need to get a book on making fruit wines. But this is how to do it with things around the kitchen. Submitted By MATT GIWER On 10-30-95

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