Really hard cider

Yield: 1 servings

Measure Ingredient
1 gallon Cider

With the last recipe, you created hard cider. That will have a max of about 10% (20 proof) unless you know enough about wine making not to need to read this. Now lets say it had too much wild yeast and you don't like the taste or it tastes great but you, purely in the spirit of the inquiring mind, want to taste the elixir of our ancestors.

You take the result after the bubbling has gone down and put it in a bowl and freeze it. The longer and colder the better, 24 hours at least. It won't all freeze. Put a pie pan under a collander and pour the slush into it. Give it a moment and then through away what is in the collander.

What is left in the pan should be around 25% or 50 proof. A mixed drink is generally around 40 proof. Let your inquiring mind be warned.

For anyone concerned about US laws (why I have no idea) this method is not illegal.

Submitted By MATT GIWER On 10-30-95

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