Killer cider

Yield: 1 Servings

Measure Ingredient
1 gallon Pasteurized apple cider
12 ounces Can (Seneca?) 100% Granny
\N \N Smith apple juic
1 cup White sugar
\N \N Champagne yeast

Pour out enough cider to make room in the glass jug for the concentrate and the sugar and the re-hydrated yeast (I would recommend using cham- pagne yeast). Mix thoroughly and put an airlock on it. Come back about a week later, check the gravity and if it bottoms out, prime it with ⅕ of ¾ cup of white sugar, then bottle it in two 2-liter plastic soda bottles, well-cleaned, of course. Let it condition for about a week and...enjoy!

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From: Favorite Fruitcakes By Moira Hodg File

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