Parten bree sauce

Yield: 1 servings

Measure Ingredient
4 ounces Rice
1 pint Milk
1 large Boiled crab
1 pint Fish stock
1 dash Anchovy essence
1 dash Tabasco
1 pinch Cayenne
\N \N Salt and pepper
¾ pint Cream

Remove the meat from the crab and set aside. Keep the white and brown meat separate. Boil the rice in the milk until it is soft. Sieve the rice, milk and brown crab meat.

Stir in the stock, anchovy essence, Tabasco and seasoning into the pre-cooked rice and milk. Bring gently to the boil and add a pinch of cayenne and the cream. liquidize and pass through a fine sieve.

Serve with the kedgeree.

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