Holiday fruit punch

Yield: 24 Servings

Measure Ingredient
5 cups Orange juice
5 Limes
Marachino cherries
4 cups Pineapple juice, chilled
3 cups Grapefruit juice, chilled
1½ cup Orange juice, chilled
½ cup Lime juice
¾ cup Sugar
3 cups Ginger ale, chilled



To prepare ice ring, pour 2½ cups of the orange juice into 6-cup ring mold; freeze until firm.

To make lime rose, use a very sharp knife and starting at one end of lime, cut a continuous 1-inch wide strip in spiral fashion, taperin to the opposite end to remove. Curl the strip, peel side out, into a rose shape.

Pour 1 ¼ cups orange juice over frozen juice in ring. Arrange lime roses in juice, right side up; frreeze until firm. Garnish with cherries. Pour remaining 1 ¼ cups orange juice into mold to partially cover cherries; freeze until firm.

* I'm sure if you don't wish to go through the trouble you can spread the lime slices and cherries in liquid and it would just as nice.

To prepare punch, combine juices and sugar in large punch bowl; blend well. Just before serving, gently pour in ginger ale; stir gently.

Unmold ice ring and float, fruit side up in punch bowl.

Source: Pillsbury Holiday IX

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