Easy potato dish

Yield: 1 Servings

Measure Ingredient
2 larges Potatoes peeled and cut into chunks
1 large Onion peeled and cut into small pieces
\N \N Oil for frying
1 tablespoon (heaping) pareve chicken or onion soup powder
1 tablespoon (heaping) freshly pounded black peppercorns or more to taste

This serves 4 persons as a side dish Method:

1. Parboil the potato chunks until fork tender but NOT mushy; drain 2. Put the oil into a frypan or wok sufficient to saute, NOT for deepfrying 3. Put the onion pieces into the wok and stir around until they are limp and clear

4. Put the potatoes into the wok and continue to stirfry until they become browned; add the chicken soup or onion soup powder and the pepper and stir around until the dish looks done - the potatoes and onions will give off a tasty aroma and have some browned bits on the outside.

Note: Re black peppercorns, most people either buy pepper powder or use a peppermill. The way to get the best and most flavour out of peppercorns is to lightly pound them in a mortar with a pestle: the grains will not be fine and powdery but will be a bit chunky and will be very tasty the way pepper should be!

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