Chocolate fudge #1

Yield: 16 Servings

Measure Ingredient
2 ounces Unsweetened chocolate broken into pieces -or-
4 tablespoons Cocoa
2 cups Sugar
¾ cup Milk
2 tablespoons Light corn syrup
2 tablespoons Butter; cut in small pieces
2 teaspoons Vanilla

Fanny Farmer Cookbook

Oil jelly roll or 8x8 inch pan (I always used square pan). Put chocolate, sugar, milk, and corn syrup in 3 qt heavy pan, stir to blend. Put over low heat and bring to boil, stirring slowly. Cover and let boil 2-3min.

Uncover and wash down sides with pastry brush dipped in cold water (gets rid of sugar crystals). Continue to boil without stirring until syrup reaches soft-ball stage (234F). Remove from heat, drop in butter without stirring. Set pan on cooling surface or rack. Do not stir until lukewarm (110F), then add the vanilla and beat without stopping until mixture loses gloss and thickens. pour into oiled pan and mark into squares. When firm cut into pieces and store airtight.


1. Use ¾ cup + 2 tbsp sour cream instead of butter and milk.

2. Add 1 cup chopped nuts before turning out of pan 3. Add 1½ cup small marshmallows before turning out of pan REC.FOOD.RECIPES ARCHIVES


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