Wassail mead

Yield: 1 Servings

Measure Ingredient
12½ pounds Light clover honey
4 teaspoons Acid blend
5 teaspoons Yeast nutrient
\N \N Wine yeast

Add honey, acid blend, and yeast nutrient to 2 gallons of water and boil for ½ hour. Add this to 1-½ gallons of cold water in the primary fermenter. Pitch yeast when the temperature reaches 70-75 degrees. Use a blow off tube if you use a carboy. Allow fermentation to proceed for 3 weeks or more (up to several months). When the mead becomes fairly clear, rack to secondary. Attach air-lock. Leave the mead to sit at least 3 weeks. When yeast settles to bottom and is clear, it is ready to bottle. Adding ¾ cup of corn sugar at bottling will produce a sparkl- ing mead. Sparkling meads should not be made with an original gravity higher than 1.090. Original Gravity: 1⅒ Final Gravity: 1.000 Recipe By : Serving Size:


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