Texas toast

Yield: 1 servings

Measure Ingredient


: Texas toast is simply a thick slice of white bread that has been buttered and grilled `til lightly browned (not unlike a grilled cheese sandwich).

: Some places prefer to use "tub margarine" that has a lower water content. Some say only butter, and prefer to butter only one side as opposed to buttering both sides. The choice is entirely up to you...

: Some bread companies sell "Texas Toast" sized sliced bread.

If you can find it, it is ideal, but the regular sized will do. The only difference is the thickness of the slices. (The texas toast slices are about as thick as 2 slices of regular white bread.) : It is usually served along with pan gravy (gravy made with pan drippings) ala milk or cream gravy, and fried chicken, chicken (or country) fried steak, or the like... but it is entirely up to your imagination.

Source: Found on the Internet and reproduced in MM format for you by Fred Goslin on Cyberealm Bbs in Watertown NY. Home of KOOKNET @ (315) 786-1120

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