Sangria #09

Yield: 4 Servings

Measure Ingredient
1 \N Bottle dry red wine * see note
1 pint Brandy * see note
¼ cup Sugar
½ \N Lemon
2 \N Oranges; sliced
1 \N Pear; diced
1 \N Banana; diced
1 \N Fresh peach; diced
1 \N Bottle citrus-flavored soda * see note

Date: Fri, 14 Jun 1996 08:14:41 -0400 From: Sharon Beck <parasol@...> Peel and dice pear, banana, and peach.. you may substitute other fruits if you choose (coconut not recommended). Make sure they are ripe and fairly soft. Mix together.

In non-metal container, mix wine, brandy, sugar, lemon & orange slices.

Stir in prepared fruit.

Cover and set aside, unrefrigerated, for AT LEAST 2 days, preferably 2 weeks.

Chill before serving. Just before serving, mix in citrus flavored soda.

Serve with slice of lemon & dash of cinnamon if desired. * 1 bottle dry red wine: don't get a good wine for won't recognize it anyways! Any reasonable, cheap, dry red table wine will work just fine. *½ - 1 pint brandy: I prefer an apricot brandy here, makes for a nicely fruity Sangria.

Could try peach, or other fruit flavors if you choose. * 1 bottle soda: I use a liter bottle of Squirt or 50/50& generally add it to the punch bowl just before serving if I do it as a punch. Otherwise, as the sangria is poured, I mix it in then. Keeps the bubbles better that way. Also allows you to regulate the strength somewhat.

NOTES: The fruit will have a high alcohol content. Don't let the kids get into it! Realize, too, that the designated driver who is not "drinking" the Sangria, but only nibbling the fruit, should probably consider handing over the car keys.

If you have any Sangria left (and you haven't added the soda to it) strain out the fruit and pour it into bottles. Stick it back in the closest. This stuff gets better every day. Had some that had been tucked wa-a-y back & forgotten for about 2 years. It was as smooth as silk and absolutely magnificent. ENJOY!


From the EAT-L recipe list. Downloaded from Glen's MM Recipe Archive, .

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