Peaches 'n' cream

Yield: 8 Servings

Measure Ingredient
2 cups Drained, canned peaches (if fresh peaches are used, poach first in a
\N \N Sugar syrup
¾ cup Peach schnapps
2 tablespoons Honey
\N \N Juice of 1/2 lemon
½ teaspoon Cinnamon
1 teaspoon Vanilla
1 tablespoon Unflavored gelatin
3 tablespoons Cold water
1½ cup Whipping cream
1 \N Egg white
8 \N (6oz.) plastic cups, coated with vegetable oil and sugar
3 \N Ripe fresh peaches, sliced

Peaches 'n' Cream (Molded Peach Bavarian Cream) From: The Detroit News Sent By: Teresa Marco OPTIONAL: Garnishes such as thin wafer cookies, raspberry puree or sliced strawberries

Puree peaches in food processor or blender with peach schnapps, honey.

lemon, cinnamon, and vianilla. Dissolve gelatin in cold water and heat in 350 o oven until mixture is clear.

Whip egg white until stiff. Whip whipping cream.

Stir warm gelatin into peach mixture. Fold in egg white; fold in whipped cream. Spoon into plastic cups and chill for 1½ hours.

Unmold and present on top of thin wafer cookie (optional) and serve with raspberry puree or strawberries, and fresh sliced peaches.

Serves 8.

Happy Eating,

Teresa Marco :)

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