Old cornmeal muffins

Yield: 1 recipe

Measure Ingredient
1⅝ cup Flour
4 teaspoons Baking powder
2 tablespoons Sugar
½ teaspoon Salt
¾ cup Cornmeal
1 \N Egg
1 cup Milk
3 tablespoons Melted fat

General directions for mixing and baking: Measure all ingredients. Prepare pans using greasy or oil. Light oven and set regulator at 425. Combine dry ingredients, sifting into bowl. Beat egg until frothy. Add milk to egg. Measure fat, add to egg and milk mixture. Immediately add wet to dry ingredients, all at one time. Stir fast until all dry ingredients are dampened - no longer than 20 strokes. Pour at once into muffin pans. Bake in hot oven (425) about 20 minutes.

Note: Too much stirring will spoil muffins. The mixture will look lumpy, but will come out a better texture than if over beaten, when muffin will be full of lg holes and batter rises to peaks.

Old Home Ec Class Book Recipe == Courtesy of Dale & Gail Shipp, Columbia Md. == From: Dale Shipp Submitted By HELEN PEAGRAM On 12-30-95

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