No meat bean burn pizza

Yield: 4 Servings

Measure Ingredient
1 \N Boboli (Bobali; Bobili, ?) 15-inch bread crust
1 can Refried black beans (or roll your own)
1 cup White cheese; or more (take your pick; this is a guideline)
1 cup Yellow cheese; or more
\N \N Tomato sauce or decent pizza sauce
\N \N Chiles: fresh Habs; or other very hot; pungent
\N \N Chiles: fresh Jalapenos; etc., less hot
\N \N Tomatoes; sliced thin
\N \N Green peppers sliced or chopped
\N \N Onions; scallions, whatever you like
\N \N Mushrooms
\N \N Pineapple (maybe for some)
\N \N Olives


Date: Mon, 04 Mar 1996 22:48:44 -0500 (EST) From: WBRADFORD@...

This is not so much a specific recipe as it is a guideline for how to create an excellent veggie pizza with a good long hot burn.

The day before the feast, get the refried beans ready. There are several brands of low-lard black refried beans available; I suggest you buy a premium one. Mix the beans with chopped habs or whatever chile you have.

How hot to go? The beans mellow the heat, so go by your experience, and add a little. Hot pungent chiles are best here as the heat mixes with the beans provides a Much better effect. Mix every 6 or so hours while keeping in the icebox. (Maybe pre- heating the bean/chile mix would make this process go faster?) Anyway after 18 or so hours, it's time to make the pizza.

Pre-heat to 350 F. Layer the special refried beans over Boboli, and cover with the sauce. Pile on a layer of cheese. Next ½ the veggies, dull colors first. Now the rest of the cheese and then the colored veggies. On top go the 'mild' chiles. How much? how thick? Did you ever make a pizza? Cook for about 20 minutes, but keep an eye on it. Too thick of beans, cheese, veggies will cause the crust to burn before the cheese boils. And too little 'stuff' will cause the center to cremate before crust is done.

Best regards from Bill wbradford@... Salt Lake City CHILE-HEADS DIGEST V2 #259

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