Multi-grain bread abm

Yield: 16 1/2-slices

Measure Ingredient
½ tablespoon Yeast
2 cups Flour
¾ cup Flour, soy
¾ cup Wheat germ
¾ cup Oats
¾ cup Milk, powdered
1¾ cup Water; boiling
½ cup Wheat, bulgur
½ cup Millet
½ cup Seeds, sunflower
2 tablespoons Gluten
2 tablespoons Sugar
½ tablespoon Salt
1 \N Eggs
4 tablespoons Syrup, corn
2 tablespoons Oil


Combine boiling water with bulgur wheat, millet, corn syrup, and oil.

Cool to room temperature.

Bring all ingredients to room temperature. Pour remaining ingredients into bakery, in order, then add grain mixture. Set "baking control" to medium. Select "white bread" and push Start.

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