Mexican dip tray

Yield: 6 servings

Measure Ingredient
32 ounces Can refried beans
1 pack Taco seasoning, (or 2 tbsp taco seasoning)
1 pint Sour cream
2 \N Avocadoes, mashed
1½ cup Grated cheddar cheese
1¼ cup Grated Jack cheese
2 \N Chopped tomatoes
4 ounces Chopped jalapenoes
1 can Chopped black olives
3 \N Sliced green onions

Mix taco mix with beans and spread in pan (1 9x13 or 2 pie plates) Mix avocadoes with sour cream. Spread on top of bean mixture. Mix the two cheeses together and sprinkle half the mixture over the sour cream mix. Place the chopped tomatoes, jalapeno's and olives over cheese. Spread rest of cheese over top and garnish with sliced green onions. Serve with taco, natcho, or tortilla chips.

Origin: Friend of mine Shared by: Sharon Stevens

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