Jeanette's strawberry jello mold

Yield: 1 Servings

Measure Ingredient

: Jeanette's Strawberry Jello : Mold -- see below

Soften 1 envelope plain gelatine in ¼ cup water. Dissolve it and 2 packages (3 oz) strawberry jello in 2 cups boiling water. ADD: 1 large or 2 small packages frozen strawberries 1 small can crushed strawberries 1-2 diced bananas 1 cup fine chopped nuts (optional-daughter disliked them so I left them out.) FILLING: 1 cup sour cream(will use LandoLakes nofat) 1 package Dream Whip made up Combine well. METHOD: Pour half of jello mix into mold and chill to allow to become fairly firm. Spread filling over jello and pour over that the rest of the jello. Allow to become very firm before unmolding- like overnight. (I have to confess that we were usually too impatient, and it was a pretty amusing dish, adding a little more hilarity to some occasions than I thought absolutely necessary when I attempted to unmold it. Well it WAS pretty funny to see pieces of it it sliding around the platter! But Jeanette's was always gorgeous, so it can be done. However, since we'll be having some non-family-members at the table this year, I'm considering serving it from the bowl. On the other hand, why mess with tradition?) Recipe By : DDMmom

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