Ironed toast

Yield: 1 Servings

Measure Ingredient
2 slices White bread
1 slice Any yellow cheese
1 small Sheet aluminum foil
1 Steam iron

No, I'm not crazy - this really works: Start heating steam iron to maximum heat, with steam turned OFF.

In the meantime, put cheese between bread slices and top with aluminum foil.

When the iron is quite hot, put it on the foil, and leave for about 1 min (more or less, depending how brown you like your toasted sandwich). In the meantime you can prepare a second "load".

Turn over sandwich, place foil on top and iron other side for another minute.

Don't tell your guests how you did it, they'll think you're certifiable! Posted to Recipe Archive - 17 November 96 Date: Sun, 17 Nov 96 5:33:26 EST submitted by: par@...

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