Heat loaf

Yield: 4 Servings

Measure Ingredient
1 pounds Lean beaf (I suggest chuck)
1 pounds Boston Butt
1 \N Rib celery
½ cup Onion
¾ cup Breadcrumbs
6 \N Cloves garlic
¼ cup Parsley
2 \N Eggs
1 can (7-oz) chipotles
\N \N Worcesteshire to taste

From: Greg Metcalfe <biosphere@...> Date: Sun, 07 Jul 1996 11:55:46 -0700 For a standard meat loaf you'd add about a quarter cup of milk or ketchup instead of the can of chipotles, and end up with something good, if pretty standard. The chipotles replace this moisture perfectly. They also get that smokey taste you want in grilled foods right through to the center.

Meat should be about the same consistency as hamburger, or a bit more coarse. I like to use extremely lean beef- 100% trim, then add vital fats, cholesterol, etc., by controlling the fattinesess of the pork I use.

Grill over <indirect> heat for about an hour, depending on weather, etc. If you must cook directly over the heat source, place an old pan with some water in it below the loaf. We all know how dried out meatloaf- ych! If you like to add wood chips or chunks to the fire, this is a good time to experiment with fruitwoods. I like small amounts of cherry with this one.

If you have to do this inside, it'll take an hour at 350.

A great side is gilled Walla Walla Onions (a local sweet onion). I gill these after cutting out a core and adding chopped "Michelle's Pickled Chiles", which is on my favorites page. Make sure you get in all of that chile cider vinegar that you can.

I like this one enough that I'll be adding it to my "Favorites" page next time I revise that page. Throw a salad together, and you've got a great meal, maybe nukeable leftovers, and no heat in the kitchen. Enjoy! CHILE-HEADS DIGEST V3 #037

From the Chile-Heads recipe list. Downloaded from Glen's MM Recipe Archive, .

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