Halwa delight

Yield: 6 servings

Measure Ingredient
½ teaspoon Oil
2 cups 2 percent lowfat milk (do NOT use nonfat milk)
½ teaspoon Ground cardamom
1½ cup Raw cashews or almonds, pulverized to a coarse powder in a
\N \N Blender or food processor
¼ cup Sugar
¼ cup Dried cranberries, chopped, optional
¼ cup Raw pistachios, shelled, chopped, optional

Lightly oil the bottom and sides of a wide, steep sided pan. Bring milk to a boil over medium to high heat, stirring constantly. Turn heat to medium and stir until foaming subsides. Cook until milk thickens slightly, about 5 minutes. Watch carefully, as milk with try to rise over and over again. Stir until it subsides, and scrape the bottom and sides to loosen any milk solids and incorporate into the milk mixture. If any skim forms of the surface, stir it into the liquid. Add the cardamom and cashew powser a little at a time, stirring after each addition. Cook until all milk is absorbed, stirring often. Stri in sugar. Remove from heat and garnish with cranberries and or pistachios if desired. Best served warm or at room temperatur. Farnish with your favorite fruit if desired. Serves 6.

Origin: From "Indian Inspired" by Bharti Kirchner, in Detroit Free Press Food Section, September 14, 1994. Shared by: Sharon Stevens, Oct/94.

Submitted By SHARON STEVENS On 11-02-94

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