Grandma's bran rolls

Yield: 40 Servings

Measure Ingredient
3 packs Yeast
1 cup Water
1 cup Crisco
½ cup Sugar
1 cup Kellog's all bran or bran buds
1½ teaspoon Salt
2 Eggs
6 cups Flour

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Date: 16 Nov 1994 10:18:57 -0500 In a 2 cup or larger measuring cup, put 3 yeast packages in 1 cup of luke warm water. In a sauce pan, boil 1 cup water then turn off and add 1 cup Crisco (rounded but not heaping), ½ cup sugar, 1 cup Kellog's All Bran or Bran Buds, 1½ tsp salt. Stir until Crisco melts, then cool to luke warm.

In a mixing bowl, beat 2 eggs until foamy. Then add yeast mixture and Bran mixture. Slowly (1 cup at a time) add flour until it forms a sticky but not too dry ball. Lightly rub with Crisco so that it doesn't crust over. Cover with a wet towel and let rise until it has risen well above the rim of the bowl. Then, remove towel and "punch down" cover again and let rise once more.

After it has risen the second time put dough on floured counter top and knead until all the air is out. On the side, melt ½ cup of Crisco. Roll out ½ inch thick and use a small glass (2 ½ inch diamater) to punch out round slices of dough. Dip in melted Crisco, fold in half, and put on cookie sheet. You could also make walnut sized balls of dough and put 3 balls, dipped in melted Crisco in each hole of a muffin pan. Let rise again. Bake at 450 degrees for about 20 minutes, or until lightly browned.

Makes 3 ½ dozen small rolls.


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