Fruit crunch

Yield: 8 servings

Measure Ingredient
1 \N 100 gram bar Cadbury's Bournville chocolate
75 grams Butter; (3oz)
2 tablespoons Honey
75 grams Icing sugar; (3oz)
2 \N Oranges
75 grams Crisped rice cereal; (3oz)
1 \N Kiwi fruit
142 millilitres Double cream; (1/4 pint)
1 \N 150 gram car thick and creamy apricot & mango
\N \N ; yoghurt
8 \N Cadbury's 99 flake
\N \N A 20cm; (8 inch) round cake
\N \N ; tin greased and
\N \N ; base lined

Break chocolate into a large pan and melt it with the butter and honey.

Stir in the sieved icing sugar, finely grated rind of 1 orange and the cereal, coating completely. Press mixture evenly into the tin and cool to set.

To complete, cut thin stripes of peel from the remaining orange and slice into thin strips. Now peel and slice the fruit; reserve 8 pieces of orange and 5 circles of kiwi fruit. Whisk cream and yoghurt together until thick, then chop and fold in any remaining fruit. Lift crunchy base from the tin and place on a plate. Swirl cream over the top. Decorate with the Flake arranged in a wheel, with fruit in between as shown. Sprinkle orange rind on top.

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