Eggs lyonnaise (holiday egg breakfast) (debra

Yield: 1 Servings

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Eggs Lyonnaise (French for "with onions") is really simple to make.

Get yourself a nice humongous onion (this is great with the thick-walled, sweet Vidalia), and slice it ½" thick. Use the larger outer rings. Saute them in butter for a minute or two until they just start to cook. Carefully flip over, and crack an egg into the center.

The onion ring will act as an egg ring. Cook as you would for sunny-side up eggs.

Holiday Eggs was inspired by the Italian egg & pepper sandwich.

Substitute green and red pepper slices for the onions. You should cook the peppers a little longer than the onions, since you don't want them too crisp. Either break egg into center, or make scrambled egg mixture and pour into rings. You can add chives to red pepper rings, pimento or paprika to green pepper rings. Serve with ham, or bacon or sausage. Fancy it up even more by serving them on toast or English muffins topped with cheese sauce.

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