Denny's bacon caesar burger

Yield: 1 Servings

Measure Ingredient
1 Hamburger bun
1 Hamburger pattie
1 slice Romain lettuce
2 Hamburger slices of dill pickles
1 slice Red onion
2 slices Tomato
2 slices Monterray Jack cheese
2 slices Bacon cooked
¼ cup Caesar dressing - served on the side

Just went there the other night, and knew immediately I had to share this one. I will give quantities for 1 Burger, and you can go from there.

Cook hambuger pattie and season with salt and pepper. Toast the bun seperately, I always put a little butter on each side of the bun, and toast slightly in a skillet, or you can even do this in the oven using the broiler. Assemble like this.

Starting from the bottom bun.

: Bottom bun

: slice of romain lettuce

: 2 slices of tomatos

: 2 slices of pickle

: onion

: hamburger pattie

: 2 slices of Monterray Jack cheese : 2 slices of Bacon placed crossways : Top Bun

Man this is good, and actually made going to Denny's a real treat. Now if we could work on their called serving of I believe 12 french fries, we would have it made :) Oh, yes, don't forget to dip your burger into the dressing !!! Posted to TNT - Prodigy's Recipe Exchange Newsletter by "B & N Godby" <revod@...> on Aug 20, 1997

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