Crockpot-barbeque beef or pork

Yield: 24 Servings

Measure Ingredient
4 pounds To 6 lb Beef or pork or a combination of both.
2 packs Onion soup mix
2 12 oz Bot's Chili Sauce
½ cup Brown sugar:more or less
¼ cup Black molasses';about
2 tablespoons Worcestershire sauce;or less water;to cover meat.


In Crockpot on High, place cut up pieces of Beef and pork if you want to combine them, or just one or the other. I use what ever beef is on sale trim as much fat off as I can. Cut in large chunks put in Crock with 1 to 2 packages of onion soup mix. I usually use a good 4 to 6 lb roast we like to freeze it. Use enough water to cover. You can add additional onions and celery to give it more flavor. And cook until fork tender. Remove from Crock, put meat on platter to cool, and save a couple of cups of the juice it was cooked in. Put into the crockpot the Chili Sauce, brown sugar, Molasses(optional) Worcestershire to taste. I do not like it too hot so I don't use more than a couple of tablespoons. Now take your meat on a board and start to shred it with a fork and paring knife, how ever it is easy for you, I don't like it to fine so do not use my processor. Just cut in pieces and shred, OK.

Now put it back in crock and add enough of the juice it was cooked in, with the onions from the mix also, it adds to the flavor.Add just enough juice to make it moist, save some of the juice for as it cooks on simmer you may have to add some more. If you use for a cookout, you can keep it plugged in, and keep a check for moistness, when it gets a little dry just add some more juice. I use hamburger rolls. or bakery Hamburger rolls, or Kaiser rolls. What ever you prefer. It goes a long way. Left over's I put in little freezer bags or in the margarine containers,½ lb size, and freeze. Just enough for two sandwich's for lunch. This is from memory, so if you have a question or doubt<G> ask away. From Joni's Kitchen For Diabetics' I take a small portion and just add everything but the sugar and use Twin Brown sugar. Does very well.

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