Cranberry sauce #2

Yield: 8 Servings

Measure Ingredient
2 cups Cranberries; cooked, about
1 cup Orange juice
1 small Unpeeled apple cut in pieces (up to)
2 tablespoons Honey

From: hz225wu@... (Micaela Pantke) (COLLECTION) Date: Thu, 19 Aug 93 10:31:32 +0200 From: altar@... (Ted Wayn Altar) Blend together orange juice, apple and honey. Add cooked cranberries until the mixture thickens (approx. 2 cups cooked). If a jelly-like texture is preferred, than simply add 2 Tbs agar to the above mixture. Heat until the agar has melted, it can then be transferred to a mold and refrigerate until it sets (about 3 - 5 hrs.)



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