Crab casserole dnsr31a

Yield: 6 servings

Measure Ingredient
1 pounds Crab meat, fresh
2 teaspoons Onion, grated
4 eaches Mushrooms, large, slice thin
2 eaches Tomatoes, fresh, peel & chop
2 teaspoons Parsley, fresh, finely mince
1 teaspoon Chives, fresh, finely minced
2½ tablespoon Butter
1¼ cup Heavy sweet cream
1½ ounce Brandy
1 x Salt & cayenne to taste

Melt butter in casserole dish. Add mushrooms and microwave 2 minutes. Add onion and tomatoes and cook another 2½ minutes. Add crab, leaving it in as large lumps as possible. Season with salt and cayenne and cook 2 more minutes. Add cream, stirring gently.

Microwave 1 minute. Add parsley, chives, and brandy.

Serve at once from the casserole dish into shallow soup plates into which has been placed a heaping tablespoon of cooked rice. "Charleston Receipts" formatted by Mary Bowles

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