Brandied vanilla essence

Yield: 1 servings

Measure Ingredient
\N \N Whenever a recipe calls for vanilla, use this sweet-smelling
\N \N Flavoring instead. For best results, use top-quality brandy and
\N \N Moist and fragrant vanilla beans.
\N \N Makes 1 quart
8 eaches Vanilla beans
4 cups Brandy
\N \N Additional vanilla beans (optional)
\N \N Cut 8 vanilla beans crosswise into thirds. Using very sharp
\N \N Knife, split each piece open lengthwise; do not cut through. Place


pieces in jar. Cover with brandy. Seal tightly; shake well. Let stand 3 weeks at room temperature, shaking jar several times a week.

Open jar; aroma should be very rich with vanilla. If not, let stand 1 more week. Strain essence through coffee filter paper. Using funnel, fill narrow-necked bottles with essence, leaving ¼-inch space at top. Add 1 vanilla bean to each bottle if desired. Seal tightly.

Store in cool dark place. Bon Appetit Submitted By PAT STOCKETT On 11-17-94

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