Big mama's habanero hot sauce

Yield: 1 Servings

Measure Ingredient
Habanero peppers
Orange juice

Somebody on the list (several somebodies) were asking not too long ago about hot sauces they could make/buy that didn't have a lot of vinegar in them. I was reminded just yesterday of a sauce made by a local rib joint, which they don't bottle or sell but for which I managed to get the recipe from the owner. It's very simple and extremely good. Apologies in advance for the lack of measurements- I got this word of mouth.

NOTE: No quantities were given for any of the items in this recipe- it's up to you to find a balance you like.

Chop the first and second ingredients as coarsely or finely as you like.

Combine in a large saucepan or stewpot with the liquid ingredients. Bring to a boil (to de-alcoholize the tequila), reduce heat and simmer, adding salt and tasting, until desired consistency is achieved. Bottle if you so desire- when I had it, they'd just poured it into big plastic "ketchup-and-mustard" type dispensers which were kept in the fridge. It's great stuff!

NOTE: if necessary, this recipe could be "cooled down" by the addition of carrots, onions or other chopped veggies to absorb some of the heat, as Melinda's and other sauces do. Peppers other than habaneros could also be substituted...

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