Barbecue meat loaf

Yield: 6 servings

Measure Ingredient
¼ cup Finely chopped onion
¼ cup Finely chopped celery
¼ cup Catsup
2 xes Large egg whites
¼ cup Dry bread crumbs
1 teaspoon Liquid smoke
1 teaspoon Salt
1/16 teaspoon Black pepper
1 pounds Ground round

Place all ingredients except beef in mixer bowl and mix at low speed to blend well.

Add beef to catsup mixture and mix at low speed until blended. Do not overmix. Shape into a loaf about 3½" x 7". Place in a pan that has been sprayed with pan spray or lined with aluminum foil. Bake at 325 degrees F.

about 1 hour or until browned and firm. Pour off any fat anddrippings and let set equal slices. Serve 1 slice per serving.

PER SERVING: calories - 138, carbohydrate - 6 g., protein - 17 g., fat ~ 4 g., salt - 513 mg. EXCHANGES = 2 lean meat, 1 vegetable FROM: The New Diabetic Cookbook by Mabel Cavaiani, R.D. copyright 1989.

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