Armenian dinner sandwich

Yield: 4 servings

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Keywords: jalpeno, clove, allspice, ethnic, cldec94 This sandwich takes it's inspiration from an Armenian dish that is traditionally made with lamb and served on rounds of yeast bread. For convenience, beef replaces the lamb, and tortillas (always handy) make this a no fuss dinner. Chopped green onion, sliced olives and diced tomatoes would also make great accompaniments to sprinkle over top. 1 tsp vegetable oil 1 onion, chopped 2 cloves garlic, minced 1 tsp paprika ¾ tsp groundallspice ½ tsp each salt and pepper 1 lb lean ground beef 14 oz tomatoes (canned) ¼ cup tomato paste 1 sweet green pepper, chopped ½ cup chopped fresh parsley 8 8-inch flour tortillas, warmed 1 cup diced cucumber 1 cup feta cheese, crumbled ¼ cup hot pickled peppers Saute onion and garlic. Add paprika, allspice, salt and pepper. Add ground beef and cook until meat is thoroughly cooked. Add canned tomatoes and tomato paste. Boil and then reduce to simmer. Add green pepper and the parsley and cook for 10-15 minutes or until most of liquid has cooked off. Divide beef mixture among tortillas, fold

tortillas in half to form pockets. Sprinkle with cucumber, feta cheese, and pickled peppers. Makes 4 servings. Origin: Canadian Living, December 1994. Shared by: Sharon Stevens, Dec/94.

Submitted By SHARON STEVENS On 12-04-94

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