Armenian stew

Yield: 4 servings

Measure Ingredient
1½ cup Dried Apricots Soaked in
½ cup Water for 1 Hour.
½ cup Dried Garbanzo Beans Soaked
\N \N Overnight in Water
5 cups Water
1 cup Lentils
3 \N Onions Sliced
2 tablespoons Malt Syrup or Molasses
1.  in a Large Pan, Bring Soaked Apricots and Their Water To a

Boil. add Soaked, Drained Garbanzo Beans and 1 C. Water. Bring To a Boil and Cook for 30 Minutes.

2. add the Lentils, Onions and 4 C. Water To Pot. Bring To a Boil.

Lower Heat, Cover and Cook Ubout 2 Hours until Garbanzos Are Tneder.

add 2 t. Malt Syrup. Mix in Well. Serve Over Brown Rice.

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