Yorkshire pudding for a crowd

Yield: 240 servings

Measure Ingredient
Serves 240
40 eaches Eggs
10 cups Milk
20 cups Flour
5 teaspoons Salt
10 cups Cold water
Oil or lard

Beat eggs, add milk and beat again. Add sifted flour and salt. Beat until a smooth batter is formed. Add cold water and beat for 5 more minutes until bubbles appear. Chill for 2 hours. In each muffin tin, place ½ tsp oil or lard, heat in oven until bubbling. Pour cold batter into hot oil and bake in a 400F oven for 30 minutes.

Origin: Homestyle, Canadian Classics, Ladies of the Royal Purple.

Shared by: Sharon Stevens, July/95.

Submitted By SHARON STEVENS On 08-16-95

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