Woody's hunting camp goulash

Yield: 1 Servings

Measure Ingredient
\N \N Shortening or bacon grease
6 \N Potatoes; scrubbed, (more if you like), cut into slices or medium chunks*, up to 8
2 mediums Onions; sliced, (more if you like)
1 pack Hot dogs; cut into 1\" or so pieces
1 pack Roll sausage; (breakfast or Italian) or a few sausage links**
\N \N Salt/pepper to taste
2 cups Grated cheese or a few slices of cheese--either cheddar; jalapeno cheese or whatever you have on hand/like
\N \N Paprika

Melt shortening in large skillet; enough to cover bottom. Add onions and start to brown them over medium heat. Add potatoes, cock lid on skillet and let brown, stirring occassionally (usually about 15-20 minutes if you've precooked the potatoes; a bit more if you haven't). Season with salt/pepper/paprika, to taste. After potatoes start to brown, add crumbled sausage and hot dogs. Uncover, let brown a bit more, perhaps 10 minutes.

Sprinkle cheese on top, cover again to let cheese melt. After cheese melts, stir together well, then serve. We like the pepper cheese, to add a bit of a kick, but often use up what's on hand in the cheese drawer. Sometimes we add garlic pepper, too. This is a heartly, filling meal.

NOTES: *You can shortcut this procedure (what we usually do) by puncturing the potatoes, and microwaving them about 12-14 minutes, til partly cooked/fairly well cooked.

**If you're using fresh sausage, brown in another skillet, crumble and drain, then add to the goulash when you add the hotdogs. If we have leftover cooked sausage from Sunday breakfast, or those small breakfast links, I ususally save them to toss in the goulash on Monday or Tuesday night.

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