Window frost

Yield: 1 servings

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Happy holidays to everyone! Time to decorate the house for Christmas.

Have you ever used spray snow on windows and had a devil of a time cleaning the stuff off after the holidays? I found a Recipe for "window frost" in my mother's old recipe box and thought I would try it. It worked great and cleans off very easyly. The solution dries and forms a very nice frost/crystal pattern on glass. To make the "frost" you will need: 1 cup beer 4 Tablespoons Epison salts cello sponge(these are the pastel colored sponges that look like puffed up paper and are hard when dry.) mix beer and epison salts stir till all salt is dissolved. Dip one end of sponge in solution leaving one end of the sponge dry and hard to use as a"handle"."Paint" on solution very liberaly. As solution dries, frost and crystal patterns will form. To clean frost off glass, use warm water and glass cleaner.

TO ALL Submitted By LISA VEINOT SUBJ HELLO On 12-13-94

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