Turkey \"barbeque\"

Yield: 1 Servings

Measure Ingredient
¾ cup Chopped onion
½ cup Oil
¾ cup Ketchup
¾ cup Water
⅓ cup Lemon juice
1½ tablespoon Sugar
3 tablespoons Worchestershire sauce
2 teaspoons Sugar **
½ teaspoon Pepper

Fry about ¾ cup chopped onion in ½ cup oil.

When the onion is cooked enough for your taste, add the remaining ingredients.

Cook everything briefly (ie: warm it up & stir it). Add cooked, leftover turkey. Simmer for awhile. Serve with something starchy (like leftoever mashed potatoes?).

** I'm copying this off a scribbled note that was on my fridge, and I just now noticed the two sugars. I'll bet one of them was supposed to be brown sugar (for the bbq taste). I'm not sure which one, but I'd make the larger amount the brown sugar. For that matter, the next time I do this, I'll try molasses instead of both sugars.

Posted to TNT Recipes Digest, Vol 01, Nr 941 by "Jennifer Brooks" <jeffanur@...> on Jan 15, 1998

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