Turkey kabobs

Yield: 4 Swords

Measure Ingredient
2 pounds Turkey breast, diced 1\" cube
2 \N Bell Peppers diced 1\" cube
1 medium Onion, diced 1\" cube
1 large Can pineapple chunks
10 larges Mushrooms

* Make sure the Kabob swords fit your grill. Either they should fit entirely inside the grill or long enough to place across the lip of the cooker like a rotisserie. This way the meat and vegetables will cook evenly. * Make a moderate fire.

Dice all of the turkey breast, onion, and bell peppers. Alternate red and green peppers to make a nice presentation. Use the pineapple juice to marinate the mushrooms for about an hour. Thread the meat and vegetables on the swords as you think will make a good presentation. Cook over the fire until the meat is done. Baste with the pineapple juice while cooking. Serve with white rice. Submitted By KEN HAYCOOK <KHAYCOOK@...> On THU, 22 JUN 1995 105604 ~0500 (CDT)

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