Tremendous tuna

Yield: 1 Servings

Measure Ingredient
1 can Tuna; (6-7 ounces)
½ cup Frozen peas; slightly thawed
½ cup Softened cream cheese
1 dash Salt
10 \N Wheat crackers


1. can opener (for a grown-up to use) 2. large mixing bowl

3. fork

4. big wooden spoon

5. cereal spoon

How to make Tremendous Tuna:

1. Ask a grown-up to open the can of tuna for you. Let the grown-up put the tuna in the large mixing bowl, too.

2. Use the fork to break up the chunks of tuna.

3. Pour the ½ cup of peas into the bowl with the tuna.

4. Put the ½ cup of softened cream cheese into the bowl with the tuna.

5. Add the dash of salt.

6. Mix everything together with the big wooden spoon. Be sure you mix it all really well.

7. Use the cereal spoon to put some Tremendous Tuna on a wheat cracker.

8. Take a taste!

Mmmm-mmm. Tremendous Tuna tastes good and looks good, too. I just love those bright green peas, don't you? Recipe by: My First Encyclopedia CD rom Posted to recipelu-digest by James and Susan Kirkland <kirkland@...> on Feb 03, 1998

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