Terrye newkirk: muesli

Yield: 1 serving

Measure Ingredient
⅔ cup Dry quickoats;
6 \N Almonds;
½ \N Serving raisins;
½ \N Apple; grated
\N dash Cinnamon;
\N \N Sugar substitute;
1 cup Low-fat milk;

Into a food processor, combine dry quickoats, almonds and raisins to make a dry mixture. In a bowl add dry mixture with the apple, cinnamon, sugar substitute, and low-fat milk. Let sit in fridge overnight, if you like.

This can be made ahead (without the apple and milk) in quanitity in big gallon-size baggie for travel, keep the milk and fruit in a cooler. Nancy's note: Take a Riveal(sp) stock pot along to heat the milk in. (We have two of these stock pots, a large and small to use when we travel and we have made whole meals in these. We got one to heat water for Bert's morning cup of coffee when we travel has turned into a useful cooking tool for 2 people. We have traveled for 3 months using these). Food Exchange per serving: 2 BREAD EXCHANGES + 1 FRUIT EXCHANGE + 1 FAT EXCHANGE + 1 MILK EXCHANGE Source: The diabetic echo via Terrye Newkirk to Mary Hicks

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