Tangerine sherbet

Yield: 6 Servings

Measure Ingredient
5 pounds Tangerines
1 cup Minus 1 tb sugar
\N \N Cognac, brandy or orange liqueur to taste
\N \N Mint leaves for garnish

1. Using a zester or flat grater with 1/16-inch holes, make long shred from rind of 1 tangerine. Reserve the shreds.

2. Cut tangerines in half. Squeeze juice from tangerines into large nonaluminum bowl. Save shells if desired to use as serving cups.

3. Put 1 cup of the juice and sugar into nonaluminum saucepan. Heat just until sugar dissolves. Stir warmed mixture into remaining juice.

Add reserved shreds. Stir in cognac 1 teaspoon at a time to desired taste.

4. Refrigerate until cold.. Then freeze in ice-cream machine according to manufacturer's directions. Then put in freezer at least 15 minutes before serving. (see note) 5. Let soften slightly before serving if necessary. Garnish with mint leaves.

NOTE: If an ice-cream machine is unavailable, mixture may be still-frozen in shallow nonaluminum bowl or pan. Put into freezer and allow to freeze until mixture is solid 2 inches in from sides. Beat vigorously with fork. Repeat beating and freezing 2 more times.

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