Spaghetti sauce mix (dried)

Yield: 12 Packages

Measure Ingredient
¾ cup Dehydrated carrots
⅓ cup Dried green pepper flakes
⅓ cup Dried celery flakes
¾ cup Instant minced onion
¾ cup Parsley flakes
¾ cup Cornstarch
⅓ cup Salt
¼ cup Oregano, crushed well
\N \N Between heels of your hands
1½ tablespoon Powdered garlic
2 tablespoons Sugar
\N 1 package mix
\N 6 ounce can tomato paste
\N 1 Tbsp. oil
\N 1 package mix
\N 1 Tbsp. oil

**First three ingredients can be replaced by 1-½ cups dried soup greens or dehydreated vegetable flakes.

Combine first three ingredients in a blender or food processor; whirl into a powder and pour into a mixing bowl. Add remining ingredients and mix everything evenly. Divide evenly into 12 envelopes. Seal and stor together in a plastic bag at room temperature.

To make with tomato paste: Combine in a saucepan: 1-¾ cups water or broth.

Stir and simmer, uncovered for 10 minutes.

To make with tomato sauce: Combine in saucepan: 15 ounce sauce

Stir and simmer uncovered for 10 minutes.

To make meat sauce: Brown in small amount of oil: 1 pound ground beeef or meatballs Drain excess oil, leaving 1 Tbsp. Blend in one package mix, 6 ounce can of tomato paste, and 1-¾ cups water. Simmer and stir, uncovered for 20 minutes.

Other uses for sauce:

*Use in a shaker container as a general meat and vegetable seasoning.

* Mix with wine vinegar for beef marinade.

* Combine one package mix and 1 cup dry bread crumbs for quick Italian style crumbs.

* Enliven canned vegetable, bean or minestrone soup with dry mix to taste.

Nutritional information per serving: xx calories, xx gm protein, xxx mg cholesterol, xx gm carbohydrate, xxx mg sodium, x gm fiber, xx gm fat (x gm sat, x gm mono, x gm poly), x mg iron, xx mg calcium, xx% of calories from fat.

Sylvia's comments: I needed a package of spaghetti sauce seasoning for another recipe, so used the ingredients from here. After several hours cooking in the crockpot, it really smelled like spaghetti sauce! Brought to you by MMCONV and Sylvia Steiger, SylviaRN (at) compuserve (dot) com (change characters as needed, this is to prevent bulk E-mailers from capturing my address), creator of Frazzled Cook breadmachine mixes, homepage

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