Smoked mackerel salad

Yield: 4 servings

Measure Ingredient
450 grams Salad potatoes; peeled (1lb)
4 \N Smoked mackerel fillets
1 pack Waitrose Leaf Salad With Herbs
\N \N ; chopped chives
90 millilitres Extra Virgin Olive Oil; (6tbsp)
30 millilitres Wholegrain mustard; (2tbsp)
30 millilitres White wine vinegar; (2tbsp)


Cook the potatoes in boiling salted water for 15-20 minutes or until tender.

Meanwhile make the dressing: whisk together the olive oil, mustard and vinegar. Drain the potatoes, cut into thick slices and place in a bowl. Add the dressing and stir gently. Leave to cool.

Remove the skin from the mackerel and discard. Break the mackerel into pieces and add to the cooled potatoes. Arrange the salad leaves in a serving dish and pile the potatoes and mackerel on top. Sprinkle with chopped chives and serve.

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NOTES : Smoked mackerel and new potatoes in a tangy mustard dressing make a quick and inexpensive lunch or supper dish. Adding the dressing to the potatoes while they are still warm helps them to absorb all the flavours.

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